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Bringing Back Play, One Blog at a Time!

Welcome to our blog, dear reader! Anthill Creations is a not for profit organization that aims to bring back play in the lives of children by mobilizing the communities to create playscapes by upcycling waste material. In essence, we envision public interactive learning environments with a primary focus on sustainability.

We wear multiple hats though. As persons, we’re five simple twenty-somethings who are on a mission to provide play to children. As professionals, we’re architects who like contextual design and do our bit for the planet. As bloggers, we’re learners, and occasionally preachers of what we have practiced; basically we’re storytellers.

The first time we made our playground in our college campus, we didn’t know how much outreach can help. We would simply discuss among ourselves, keep it closed and struggle with procuring funds, material, and resources.

After a while of unsuccessful hand flapping, we eventually explored our contacts. Everything started pouring in. We didn’t need any labor because all of our friends volunteered! That made us realize the importance of outreach, which is why we are re-establishing our outreach via another channel of this blog.

In today’s’ day and age of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and all sorts of communication channels, the blog is one that seems to go away and hide in a distant corner like an introvert, shy child sitting alone while his or her friends are jumping across the playground. However conspicuous, it is an important mode of connect with our online audience.

Our blog is our feedback mechanism. We’ll be telling stories of our startup experiences here: of challenges and how we faced them, of good times and what we did to make them better, of shortcomings and how we improved them, of what we learned on the internet and how we incorporated it. And we sincerely hope the audience will participate in this dialogue.

We know everyone’s short on time these days. So most of the stuff we’ll be doing will be microblogging, more images, less of text, so you can save time on reading and spend a bit of your time on typing.

We’ll be specially dedicating a monthly shout out, or maybe even a small prize for the one who engages with us the most. This is our way of bringing back play in this virtual blogging world.

One thing which we’ve always appreciated is learning from outsiders who add a different perspective to the rut we get ourselves into. Hence we will also be occasionally having guest posts and interviews from social entrepreneurs, and industry leaders who we get to engage with very often.

An exciting journey ahead of us.



  • This is a good implementation of ‘best out of waste’ and a really useful one too. Any plans to document the process of using the tyres and industrial rolls (or whatever they are called in pictures above) – either as documents or in video form. it will be useful for someone somewhere to do similar stuff if they knew how to,

    Reply October 6, 2020 at 12:51 pm
  • you are doing wonderful work and I wish you success and that your idea might spread and inspire many communities ! Play is for children, what work is for adults. They need it to grow and learn and develop imagination ! Thank you ! I am just developing an organization for play in nature, to get kids into the woods in New England, USA (

    Reply April 6, 2021 at 12:33 pm

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