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Skill Development Through Outdoor Play

An integral part of every child’s growth, outdoor play has often been sidelined in the contemporary society. The paucity of time, lack of proper infrastructure, advancement in digital technology, and increasing academic competition are amongst the most common reasons for decline in outdoor play across the world.

But, what most people don’t realize is that outdoor play works deeper than just entertainment. It helps the child to grow emotionally, socially, and physically transforming them into skilled and mature individuals. It also builds their immune system, sparks brain development, and helps to reduce stress and fatigue. Given below are five reasons how outdoor play helps to make children more disciplined.

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It teaches them respect for rules –

Every game that one plays is based on certain rules. Be it hopscotch, hide and seek, or the act of indulging in free play. The consequence of not following the rules often leads to one losing the game and in some cases, disqualification. Thus, outdoor play is the easiest and most fun way to make a child respect rules.

It helps in conflict resolution –

When kids step outdoors and interact with their peers, conflicts are bound to arise. The fights, which are often, about the most mundane and banal things get resolved in no time. Children learn to solve their own problems and break conflicts through play.

It turns them into patient individuals –

From waiting for their turn to bat to finding the next clue of the treasure hunt, outdoor play requires one to be patient and tolerant. Also, losing a game and getting back to it again to perform better makes the child more determined.

It improves their social and emotional skills –

Outdoor play helps one to make new friends, and deal with a diverse range of emotions, right from their childhood. The natural setting also reduces stress and makes them more free and friendly.

It inculcates good manners –

From working closely with others to sharing personal belongings, outdoor play teaches one empathy. It also instills in them other basic etiquettes such as being polite, seeking permission, and respecting other individuals.


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